Adrián Gómez in Trinidad recommends Cayo Santa Maria as a destination for both Cubans and international visitors.

Note from El Equipo: Starting today (July 1), international tourists will once again be able to visit Cuba, limited initially to the Cayos Largo, Coco, Guillermo, Cruz, and Santa María. All visitors will be tested for Coronavirus. We agree with Adrián: Cayo Santa Maria is a wonderful destination for both Cuban and international visitors!

Cayo Santa Maria
Photo courtesy of the author.

They say that an ocean breeze puts a mind at ease.

The beaches of northern Cuba, bathed by the waves of the Atlantic, are a sandy paradise where it’s possible to find that ease. Cayo Santa Maria in particular offers incomparable natural scenery, thanks to the environmental efforts made in order to achieve harmony between humans and nature. 

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Located in the middle of the Jardines del Rey archipelago, Cayo Santa María is linked to the rest of the island on the northern coast of the central province of Villa Clara by the Pedraplén, an award-winning causeway, for its attention to environmental protection. 

The rich naturalist heritage is visible, for example, at Playa Gaviotas, which is surrounded by the lush vegetation of the Cayo Santa Maria Wildlife Refuge, home to a variety of bird species including the Cuban trogon. 

The cliffs enhance the beaches’ beauty, and its sandy bottoms and turquoise waters are ideal for diving. Aquatic sports are one of the attractions that Cubans enjoy, almost as much as the splendid sunsets shared with loved ones. 

Little details are even more important than the formidable touristic facilities at Cayo Santa Maria, because good company is the main element for a vacation full of smiles, healthy recreation, affection and harmony. Add it all up and the incomparable landscapes, summer breeze, and night lights, truly do help the mind truly escape to that much-needed peace.

Cayo Santa Maria
Photo courtesy of the author.

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Adrian Manuel Gómez Borges

Adrian Manuel Gómez Borges is a young Cuban based in the city of Trinidad. He is currently majoring in English & French Languages and Literature Studies at Central University Marta Abreu de las Villas (UCLV) in Santa Clara, Cuba. He dreams of becoming a great interpreter and translator after accomplishing a research about new translation methods at UCLV.

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