We did it. And by we, I mean Louie Estrada. Louie taught the world to flan. And, for a brief moment, all was well.
louie estrada

It was officially the new second best night of my life — dozens of people making flan at one time, live on Zoom. With Chef Louie as the conductor, we were like a flan orchestra. In sync until the end, at which point of course we all grabbed our flans and devoured them.

By now, if you’ve read our other posts about Louie, you’ll know who he is and why we’re such big fans. Louie Estrada is the Chef/Owner of My Cuban Spot in Gowanus, Brooklyn. He’s one of NYC’s hottest new chefs, seen in everything from the New York Times, Buzzfeed, NY Eater and Beat Bobby Flay on the Food Network. Louie’s also joined on us on more than one occasion to teach our audience how to cook.

Last month it was Ropa Vieja. And, now for something flantastic. Flantacular. Flanazing. This was a live class so the replay of the full flan lesson and instructions are in the video above, and the recipe and ingredients are below.

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louie estrada
Photo credit: Karen Vierbuchen

Louie’s Flan Recipe

Flan ingredients are pretty basic. We’ve linked to the non-perishable items on Amazon if you want to have them delivered. (We’ll also send you this list by email right now. Double check to make sure hola@verv.tv is in your address book so our recipe email doesn’t get sent to your spam.)



  • Big Bowl
  • Whisk
  • Non-Stick Pan
  • Cookie Sheet
  • Flan Mold (6×4 for one big flan or 4oz ramekins for many little flans)

Don’t Forget Your Flan Mold

Flan can be made in a lot of different pots, pans or containers (moldes). To nail this recipe we’ve picked out a couple flan molds that you may want to invest in:

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  • To the lady that is doing the caramel in the oven. It can be done under the broiler at low broiler two steps down

  • Louie is great. I’d rather watch his lessons without the other people. They are soooo slow. It’s very annoying watching them. Also Louie’s microphone is not clear. Everyone else’s was fine except HIS who is the only one I’m interested in listening to. The questions coming in are fine but the other people cooking are annoying

    • Thanks so much for your comment. It’s helpful! The video above was the recording of a live event so engagement was encouraged. But, yeah – for the replay we’re going to edit the videos to make them shorter and more to the point, in the future. Thanks for the feedback and for the continued support!

  • It says in the text that the recipe is included but all that is there is the ingredient list and equipment list. Do we have to watch the video to know how to make the flan?

    • Hi John – For this one, yes. It was the recording of our live class. We learned from this though that people want the recipe too so for future online classes we’ll be including that. Thanks for the feedback and please let us know if we can help with anything else.

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