Boycotting Goya? Not boycotting Goya? Either way, Chef Jami Erriquez shares some simple recipes to make your own sazón and adobo spice mixes.
adobo recipe

By now you’ve probably heard (and may be looking for an alternative adobo recipe and a little homemade sazon): Goya’s CEO Robert Unanue received backlash after praising former President Trump, leading to calls to boycott the company (see trending hashtag #goyaway). While many of us are still scratching our heads as to why he felt the need to announce his love publicly, some Goya consumers have been throwing away products or trying to find alternatives. 

While there are alternatives in the supermarket, an idea came to me: What did our grandparents or our great-grandparents use before Goya’s Sazón? I flipped through a few vintage Puerto Rican and Cuban cookbooks and after endless YouTube videos and sorting through recipes, I found my perfect adobo recipe and sazón blend.

Make a big batch of homemade sazon and then use the adobo recipe below. Put these mixes on everything and share them with friends and family. 

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(And please do not throw away any unopened Goya products. Donate them to your local food banks or churches.)

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Adobo Recipe

1 cup garlic powder
1 cup onion powder
½ cup dried oregano (optional)
½ cup black pepper
¼ cup kosher salt
2 tablespoons turmeric

Mix all the ingredients together well in a large mixing bowl. Store in an airtight container. Save this adobo recipe for the future.

Sazón Recipe 

1 cup ground annatto 
¼ cup garlic powder  
¼ cup onion powder
¼ cup kosher salt
2 tablespoons cumin
2 tablespoons coriander  
1 teaspoon oregano 

Mix all the ingredients together well in a large mixing bowl. Store in an airtight container. Save this homemade sazón recipe for the future.

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Jami Erriquez is a part-time chef, food stylist, and an avid cookbook collector from South Florida. She studied culinary arts at Le Cordon Bleu in Atlanta, Georgia. Her love for cooking came from her father, Danny. She is a traveler, a yogi, and a beach bum, and has been eating Cuban sandwiches and listening to Celia Cruz since she was seven!. When Jami isn't in the kitchen she is binge-watching Golden Girls and hanging out with her family and pet cat, Irma.

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