In June, we asked who you planned to vote for. A lot has changed in these three months. Has your vote also changed?

Question of the Week: We’re less than eight weeks away from one of the most consequential U.S. elections in history. In June, we asked who you planned to vote for. A lot has change in these three months — has your vote also changed? More importantly: don’t forget to register to vote, whether in person or by mail!

If the election were held today, who would you vote for?

All results are anonymous.

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The results from our previous Question of the Week (500+ respondents):

Should the Term Latinx Be Used to Describe the Latino Population?

  • 14% – Yes. Its should be used.
  • 43.40% – No. It should not be used.
  • 42.60% – I’ve never heard the term before.

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