We're now faced with new travel and import restrictions against Cuba limiting accommodations, travel and imports.
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Question of the Week: The question is as old as the U.S. embargo itself. Tighten U.S. regulations and step back or loosen them to encourage engagement and forward progression together?

The U.S. government’s most recent sanctions on travel and imports from Cuba went into effect last week. The announcement also includes increased restrictions on Americans traveling to Cuba to attend workshops and conferences. Many fear that the only people to be impacted by these changes will be the Cuban people. (All responses are anonymous.)

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The Results From Last Week’s Question

The results from our previous Question of the Week:

Vote on a Supreme Court Nominee Now or After the Election?

  • 34.91% – Do it before the election
  • 23.58% – Wait until after the election
  • 41.51% – Wait until the Jan 20th, inauguration

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