It's time to dance, Cimafunk fans. Now. I mean, actually, like right now, because Cimafunk's Cun Cun Prá Dance Challenge ends later this week.
Cimafunk in concert. Photo: Startup Cuba / Karen Vierbuchen

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that Cimafunk’s new 5-track EP is just what we all need right about now. Released in early December, you’ll recognize all the elements that make it so… Cimafunk. A mix of positive energy, a message of love and a representation of Cuba’s Caribbean culture and African history. Not to mention Cimafunk’s signature dance moves and lyrics transcending right into your body.

For instance, put on “Cun Cun Prá,” the title track, and you’ll notice something starts happening to you. Well, it happened to me and I’m deficient on the dance move spectrum. Knowing that you’ve got better moves than I do, I’m guessing that it’ll happen to you too.

First, your leg starts to move. Nothing crazy, just a little vibrating up and down. Then your hips start rocking and your torso begins moving in sync with the already in-motion leg, which by now is a full-on pulsating limb. You really don’t have control over it, so if you didn’t tie your laces beforehand, just go barefoot. Then your head is moving back and forth, you’re starting to feel jiggly and your body is pretty much in full gyration. If you weren’t standing, you are now and you’re doing it.

Doing what?

You’re doing Cimafunk’s Cun Cun Prá Dance Challenge. The only thing left is for you to pull out your phone and share your moves on Instagram.

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The Cun Cun Prá Dance Challenge is wrapping up later this week. So, I mean, look, if you want to dance and keep going, do it. But, if you want to get your dance up there to have a chance at actually winning the challenge, you’ve gotta get your moves up there by Friday, January 8th.

What will you win? Honestly, I don’t know. I do know that if Mr. Funk himself were to announce that I won his dance challenge, that would be enough for me. Yeah. Definitely enough.

Post yourself dancing to Cimafunk’s new track, Cun Cun Prá, on Instagram by this Friday, January 8th. Tag #cimafunk #cuncunprá #cuncunprachachallenge and #startupcuba (so I can see what I’m up against 😜 ).

Cimafunk in concert. Photo: Emmy Park

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