In this week's audience polling we ask for your voice to be heard. Tell us what you want President Biden to do.
biden cuba policy
The Cuban and American flag fly next to each other in Havana, Cuba.

Cuban Americans, Cubans and everyone who pays attention to the relationship between the United States and Cuba are anxiously waiting for President Biden’s Cuba policy to drop. To be honest, unless you’re in the administration right now, with your finger on the pulse of what’s to come, it’s all conjecture — with a little hope mixed in.

In early 2021, we had a chance to talk with Cubanos Con Biden to get their thoughts on where this issue would land. It shouldn’t be a shock to anyone that there are strong thoughts on this issue from every angle. Hardliners in Miami want a policy that drops the hammer on the Cuban government. Liberal Cuban Americans and/or those who believe that engagement is the path to better relations want a Cuba policy that loosens current restrictions. One thing is clear: Everybody wants the same thing – an open and prosperous Cuba. It’s how to get there that sparks the huge gap between the community. The next few years will surely be interesting as we learn more and figure out just where President Biden’s Cuba policy lands. For now, as the conversation heats up with opinions coming in from every direction, there’s only one thing we can do… Give you a voice on the matter. Tell us what you think is the best path forward.

For our Question of the Week, we want to know where our audience wants the Biden Cuba policy to land on this issue.

What Do You Think About the Biden Cuba Policy?

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biden cuba policy
A car in Havana, Cuba. Photo: Alejandro Rojas

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  • 41.37% — No
  • 22.66% — No, but if I’m there I’ll get it

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