As chatter about making Puerto Rico the 51st state of the Union gets hot again, we want to know what you want. Do you think the island should be a state or remain an unincorporated territory?
puerto rico statehood

A November 2020 referendum about statehood asked Puerto Ricans whether they support the island territory becoming a state or not. A majority said they do — 52.34%, to be exact. It was a simple yes or no question: “Should Puerto Rico be admitted immediately into the Union as a state?”

Politicians are now claiming foul with Florida Democratic Rep. Darren Soto stating that Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer reversed his position after previously supporting a bill for statehood. New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D) and New York Democratic Rep. Nydia Velázquez are pushing their bill that urges “self-determination” for the island. And interested eyes are looking towards Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) as the senior member of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee — the first step in senate legislation for the issue. The irony is not lost, of course, that when Senator Murkowski was born, Alaska was a territory. Not a state.

While there’s plenty of deep divide to go around about Puerto Rico statehood, this isn’t new. Efforts for statehood have stalled before and look to be headed for the same fate once again. Will this time be different?

For our Question of the Week, we want to know what you want. Do you think Puerto Rico should be the 51st state of the United States of America or should it remain an unincorporated territory? (All responses are anonymous.)

This Poll Is Closed: Here’s What You Told Us

The Puerto Rico statehood convo is heating up again. Where do you stand?

  • 49.33% — Puerto Rico should be a state.
  • 29.67% — I have no opinion.
  • 24.00% — Puerto Rico should not be a state.
puerto rico statehood

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