This week (as we do once in a while) we're pointing the lens at ourselves. In 12 seconds or less, please tell us your thoughts.
Zuzy Martin-Aly, Karen Vierbuchen and Nestor Paladines pointing the camera back at you. Photo: Zuzy Martin-Aly

Each week we post a column called “Question of the Week.” It’s pretty straightforward – literally a question -yet one of our most important articles because it’s designed to ask you, our audience, how you feel about a current event that impacts all of us. We then share the results of this poll the following week. 

This week (as we do once in a while) we’re pointing the lens at ourselves. We use this feedback to improve. So, if you have a minute (actually 12 seconds) please give our question below a look and tell us what you think.

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Domino Park, Little Havana, Miami. Photo: Startup Cuba

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