The debate on whether you are a first-generation American or second-generation seems to come down to semantics.
first generation latinx
First, second or… third generation?

Some children of immigrant parents consider themselves first-generation Americans. They view themselves as the first generation of their family to be born in the United States. Other children of immigrant parents consider themselves second-generation Americans. They refer to themselves as the second generation of their family to be here in the United States.

However you think of yourself, we’ve found that we’re all talking about the same thing. On the hierarchy of everyone’s respective family tree, it’s the same branch.

Confusing, huh? Yeah.

It’s even confusing online. A look around the interwebs will show that there are ample explanations referring to it one way; describing immigrants themselves as first-generation Americans. Then there are others defining it the other way; as their children being the first-generation Americans. Here at Startup Cuba, we’ll talk to ten people in a day and hear both terms thrown out interchangeably.

We’ve got whiplash.

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So, for this week’s Question of the Week we want to know what you think: Do you consider children of immigrant parents as first-generation or second-generation Americans? (All responses are anonymous.)

Tell Us What You Think: First Generation or Second?

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