As one of the first legal cuentapropista occupations in Cuba, barberos are found up and down the streets of Havana.
jonah elkowitz photographer
Photo: Jonah Elkowitz

It’s May and this month’s photo comes from Jonah Elkowitz. Jonah (yes, relation to Evan Elkowitz) is an extremely talented incoming freshman at Northwestern University. We almost went with the below picture from his arsenal, because we love it but felt that we wanted to show more than just another Cuban car image.

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Do you have a photo from Cuba to share with us? Each month we’re using this space to share one of your Cuba photos, so if you’re interested in sharing one of your best, please let us know!

jonah elkowitz photographer
Photo: Jonah Elkowitz

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If you have a photo to share, please send it to us for consideration. And to look at any of the photos that our team photographer has taken, they’re available for purchase here.

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