The Havana Travel Scarf is a colorful, geometrically-patterned scarf that doubles as a passport and money-carrier that fits right in, whether in Havana or anywhere in the Caribbean.
havana travels scarf

(Note from El Equipo: The Havana Travel Scarf is not made in Cuba and Waypoint Goods is not a Cuba based business. We do however support Caitlin as a female entrepreneur who incorporates Havana inspiration into her project.)

As we all start eyeing a return to travel, we thought we’d introduce you to Waypoint Goods’ Havana Travel Scarf.

For women travelers, the packing list often involves some kind of purse or fanny pack —yes, the fanny pack is making a comeback! Have you checked out @wasasa_bug in Havana?— but rarely is it possible to find one accessory that is versatile enough to take out to a restaurant, and a museum, on a hike, and to a nightclub.

Cuba is one of the safest countries in the world, but carrying currency safely is always top-of-mind when we’re there.

The Havana Travel Scarf design was inspired by the murals and other street art that Caitlin came across during a scouting trip to the city. The result is the colorful, geometrically-patterned scarf that fits right in, whether in Havana or across the Caribbean. 

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havana travel scarf

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Behold an amazing new innovation in fashion: the travel scarf, by female-owned company Waypoint Goods (@waypointgoods) based in Denver, Colorado. Founder Caitlin Blythe came up with the idea for a scarf that would double as a passport- and money-carrier for travelers. She draws her place-based designs from some of the most sensuous locales on earth, a list which of course includes Havana.

waypoint goods

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