Cuban photographer David López Cruz shares a little bit of hope from his series, "On The Frontlines" documenting Cuba's vaccine efforts.
cuba photographer david lópez cruz
Vaccine administrators share their optimism by forming a heart with their hands. Photo: Ernesto Millan, David Lopez

Although it feels like it was January last month, we’re now six months into the year and here in the States in the middle of an excruciatingly hot summer (here’s what we recently learned about that). There’s a lot happening in the world: enough to drive your anxiety levels up and worry for our children’s future.

However this month’s photo of the month isn’t one of those. In fact, it’ll likely bring your blood pressure down a bit; sharing a little bit of optimism coming out of Cuba. Sent to us by Ernesto Millan and David Lopez, it’s from a series they are working on about Cuba’s vaccination efforts called, “On the Frontlines.”

Please check out Ernesto and David‘s work on their Instagram feeds. And, special thanks to Rita McNiff for her support with this month’s photo.

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Do you have a photo from Cuba to share with us? Each month we’re using this space to share one of your Cuba photos, so if you’re interested in sharing one of your best, please let us know.

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