Cuban photographer Yamil Lage, working for the Agence France-Presse, has created some of the most memorable and famous images of the July 11th protests in Cuba.
yamil lage afp

Looking back on our Photo of the Month for July seems like a different world. A different time. We literally labelled the photo last month, “Hope”. Thirty days later we’re sharing a photo that tells a different story. Yet, at the same time, it feels like “Hope” is kinda all we’ve got.

This month’s photo comes from the very talented Agence France-Press (AFP) photographer, Yamil Lage. You’ve probably seen his work in just about every global publication since the July 11th Cuba protests. Some of the most famous and eye-catching images from that day, and the period that followed are his.

We wanted to share this photo with you specifically because it tells the story of what’s happening right now on so many levels. Not to mention, we don’t remember the last time we’ve seen a photo coming out of Havana that is literally… “upside down.”

Please check out Yamil‘s work on his Instagram feeds.

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Do you have a photo from Cuba to share with us? Each month we’re using this space to share one of your Cuba photos, so if you’re interested in sharing one of your best, please let us know.

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