To us it represents what's possible for Cuba. Yet, at the same time you can imagine the reality of the situation behind you.
jonah elkowitz photography el malecon havana cuba
Photo: Jonah Elkowtiz

We struggled a bit in selecting our photo of the month this month. Not because we didn’t have enough qualified candidates. But, because we wanted to select a photo that added a sense of looking out, into what’s possible without ignoring, or forgetting the summer’s events. Our photo last month was the complete opposite – a straight up representation of what took place in July. So, we settled on an image from the Malecón by Northwestern student photographer Jonah Elkowitz.

It’s the second time we’ve selected one Jonah’s images for our Photo of the Month. To us it represents what’s possible for Cuba; looking out into the big, broad ocean and empty sky. The possibilities are endless. Yet, at the same time, as the viewer you can imagine and sense the reality of the situation behind you, on the other side of the Malecon in Habana Vieja. Behind the lens. The 1950’s cars whizzing by you, blowing out exhaust as they drive by a people focused on survival.

Thanks Jonah.

Cuba continues to be a complex contradiction at every turn. Nothing is black and white. What you see in front of you is always contrasted by the exact opposite in another direction.

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Do you have a photo from Cuba to share with us? Each month we’re using this space to share one of your Cuba photos, so if you’re interested in sharing one of your best, please let us know.

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