Liberals want the Embargo removed. Hardliners want to intervene with a sovereign country. Biden's in the middle.
havana cuba
Havana Cuba. Photo: Karen Vierbuchen

(Note from El Equipo: This survey has ended. The results are below.) Here’s what you said about how you think Biden is handling the current Cuba situation: President Biden has been catching a lot of slack for his Cuba policy. Even before, but definitely since the July 11th protests in Cuba, he’s being accused by liberals of not doing enough to loosen the noose on the island and carrying out Trump’s policies. Hardliners have pressured him to intervene and even take a military stance to make changes in the Cuban government. And, while this domestication of international policy takes place, the only people suffering are the Cuban people.

There are short and long-term humanitarian, economic and political ramifications to whatever he does. He’ll never be fast enough for some or aggressive enough for others. Yet, despite being caught a bit with his pants down in July, we think he’s taking a logical, measured approach to figure out how best to handle a very complicated situation. Of course, that’s why we wanted to know what you think.

(All results are always anonymous.)

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You Think That Biden’s Cuba Policy Is…

  • Not Enough But I’m Hopeful – 38.18%
  • Not Enough – 32.73%
  • Other (see below) – 21.82%
  • Enough – 7.27%

“Other” Responses

  • Needing to return to Obama policies and drop the embargo
  • End the damned embargo like we did for Vietnam
  • Remove the sanctions immediately
  • Stop the embargo
  • Give him a cup of coffee and a dozen donuts, before we start talking
  • Why us get involved
  • Harming people in Cuba
  • Not enough and too beholden to domestic politics than good foreign policy
  • Same ol’ oppressive BS
  • Hypocritical

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  • Even your title is a lie. A majority of conservatives that understand Cuba also want to remove the Embargo, not just Liberals. They want to see what Cuba blames their problems on then. They currently blame the lack of food and the lack of medicine on the Embargo however they can buy medicine and food from the US, in fact Cuba bought 28.8 million dollars from the US in June. But of course they don’t have the money to buy what is really needed so they use the embargo as an excuse. The Cuban people are waking up. If we remove the Embargo, then everyone can see the truth. As far as Biden in the middle… he simply does not have a clue where, what, or when.

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