We're not going down without a fight. Here are 25 songs that we pulled together to make your transition from summer to fall a bit easier.
reyna tropical startup cuba playlist
Reyna Tropical. Photo: Alejandro Berber

Woke up this morning to the sound of raindrops on asphalt and while grateful for much needed rain, it was also a reminder that summer is behind us. Then I remembered that  shorter days make for longer nights and music makes all kinds of transitions magical.  

Here at Startup Cuba, we’ve officially flipped the calendar from Summer to Fall while tapping our feet and swaying our hips.  We’re discovering and listening to great tunes curated primarily by music aficionado Laura Catana with a few additions from the Startup Cuba Equipo and you. We’ve mixed in some Xenia Rubinos, Cimafunk, YENDRY and of course Cuban rapper (and Startup Cuba contributor) El Individuo. We are excited to share with you and hear what you think. (Hero image: Brenda Navarrete. Photo: Lolito Moko)

Grab your earbuds, your speakers and para el tiempo (stop time). 

cimafunk startup cuba playlist
Cimafunk. Photo: Karen Vierbuchen for Startup Cuba

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Mayra Padilla is living the first generation Cuban American experience. Born in NJ to Cuban parents and now residing in San Francisco, she has a talent for bridging cultures. From language to food to culture to music to travel, she loves being an ambassador to help foster understanding between cultures and after several trips to the Cuba, has been a bridge of re-connection within her own US and Cuban families.  Mayra helps build and market global brands such as Levi's, Charles Schwab, General Mills, Kraft General Foods. As a photographer, her work has taken her to Sri Lanka, Morocco, and Miami to help non-profits tell their story and amplify their mission. She also volunteers with Upwardly Global and the International Rescue Committee, two organizations whose mission it is to help immigrants and refugees find employment and acclimate to life in America. She is currently working on the launch of a national pilot program to teach financial literacy to immigrant teens. Fun fact: always on the prowl for really good Cuban food, she has been known to get in the car, play her Cuban tunes and drive several hours to LA for a really good plate of carne puerco!

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