And, Car and Driver magazine threw shade on the New York Times calling their recent Cuba car column a, "profoundly idiotic premise."
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Weekly Cuba News Roundup: October 1st, 2021

For those of you keeping track, it was just 2019 yesterday. If you’re trying to deal with 2022 being only 90 days away, close your eyes and give a listen to our new fall playlist. It’ll slow things down for you. If you don’t want to slow down, here are a few headlines for you to catch up on; Andrea Mitchell sat down with Cuba’s foreign minister (who incidentally looks much better on camera than he does in the photo below) to talk about sanctions, protests and Cuba’s overall economic ask. Cuban artist Hamlet Lavastida – in prison since June – has been released. The Cuban economy is starting to open. And, in case you missed it, Miami’s police chief invokes Cuba in his statement.

Oh, and Car and Driver magazine smacked down and threw some serious shade at the New York Times for their article claiming that electric vehicles will make the US look like Cuba in twenty years. In fact, the exact language used in the response was, “we eviscerate this profoundly idiotic premise.” Grab an extra cafecito for this one; it’s below for your enjoyment added anxiety.

By the way, none of the opinions in any of the stories shared on this page represent ours; we’re just sharing them with you. If you are a journalist or you have seen a story that you’d like us to consider for future weekly news roundups, please send us a note and a link to the story here. (Hero image: Karen Vierbuchen)

NBC News: Cuba’s foreign minister says it’s a mistake for Biden to keep Trump sanctions on Havana

Economic conditions for Cubans are “very difficult,” Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla said, blaming Covid-19 and the U.S. economic embargo. Read more at

Car and Driver: No, EVs Won’t Make American Roads Look like Cuba’s in 20 Years

Cars in Cuba
Photo: Getty Images

The New York Times thinks EVs will cause gasoline-powered cars to become carefully preserved rural rarities, like 1950s American cars in Cuba. Join us as we eviscerate this profoundly idiotic premise. Read more at

How To Make Louie Estrada’s Flan (Class Replay)

We did it. And by we, I mean Louie Estrada. Louie taught the world to flan. And, for a brief moment, all was well.

Reuters: Cuba starts to reopen economy as COVID-19 vaccine campaign races ahead

Photo: REUTERS/Alexandre Meneghini

Cuba is allowing a staggered opening from Friday of restaurants, shopping centres and beaches in provinces that have lowered coronavirus cases even as it battles some of the highest nationwide rates of infection per capita worldwide. Read more at

NBC News: In Miami, Cuban politics is invoked in police chief’s performance

Miami Police Chief Art Acevedo, left, hugs a demonstrator on July 14, 2021, in Miami’s Little Havana neighborhood, as people rallied in support of antigovernment demonstrations in Cuba. Photo: Wilfredo Lee / AP file

A feud is brewing between the police chief and the police union as well as city commissioners whom Acevedo accuses of meddling in the department. Read more at

13 Books To Inspire Hispanic Pride at Every Age

Miami Herald: Cuban artist freed from jail, forced into exile. Other protesters face harsh sentences.

Photo: Hamlet Lavastida Facebook

Cuban artist Hamlet Lavastida, whom Cuba’s state security held prisoner since June, was released this weekend but forced into exile with his partner, writer Katherine Bisquet, another prominent leader of the island artists’ pro-democracy movement. Read more at

This New Art Gallery Keeps New York City Connected to Cuba

The Thomas Nickels Project, founded by Kristen Thomas and John Nickels, features Cuban art in New York City.

Splash 247: MSC most recent carrier sued under US law on Cuban trade

Mediterranean Shipping Co. (MSC) has been sued in a US court for violating the Helms-Burton Act. The Act is intended to punish companies that earn money from assets that were owned by US citizens, or Cubans who became US citizens, but confiscated by Cuba in connection with the Cuban revolution. Read more at

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