While we sit here in our studio eating leftover Halloween candy, we're starting to recognize that world peace may actually not be possible this year. That and more in this week's roundup.
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Weekly Cuba News Roundup: November 5th, 2021

First, let’s start with the positive; Atlanta Braves outfielder Jorge Soler became the second Cuban-born baseball player to win the World Series MVP award. Congrats to Jorge and to the Atlanta Braves for their 2021 Series win! In other news, things are starting to heat up as we’re now only ten days out from Cuban dissidents’ planned (peaceful) protests, on November 15th. If you recall (you don’t actually need to recall anything because it’s in the news every day) the Cuban government has said “no” to the protests. The protesters responded, “We’re doing it anyway.”

Such is the case with playwright Garcia Aguilera who has become public enemy number one. He and other dissidents continue to be targets and/or are being exiled from their country. Meanwhile in the U.S. forty house democrats voted against a resolution supporting protesters in Cuba. Crypto art continues to grow in Cuba. And, Miami politicians slam the Vatican for its (lack of) response to the Cuban government. All this is happening at the same time that 31 Cubans who landed in the Florida Keys and Bahamas were just sent home.

By the way, none of the opinions in any of the stories shared on this page represent ours; we’re just sharing them with you. If you are a journalist or you have seen a story that you’d like us to consider for future weekly news roundups, please send us a note and a link to the story here. (Hero image: Alejandro Rojas)

CNN: Cuba is cracking down on critics. This unlikely dissident says he’ll protest anyway

Garcia Aguilera at his home in Havana. Photo: CNN

A skinny, bespectacled, left-leaning playwright whose works until recently were promoted by the government would seem an unlikely candidate to become Cuba’s public enemy number one. Read more at cnn.com.

What Do You Want to See in Our Cuban Food Film?

Reuters: Cuba’s crypto artists put new spin on the genre

Cuban photographer Gabriel Guerra (R) works in his studio in Havana, Cuba, October 29, 2021. Photo: REUTERS/Alexandre Meneghini

Cuba, a Communist-run country known for its antiquated cities and cars and spotty internet service, has become a growing hotspot for crypto art. Photographers and artists like Guerra use digital crypto platforms to access markets and audiences that previously would have required artists to leave the country, or a buyer to hop on a flight to the island. Read more at reuters.com.

Is the Face of Havana Changing?

Raw Story: Cuba steps up forced exile of dissidents

Cuban artist Hamlet Lavastida sits next to one of his works of art after an interview with AFP in Berlin on October 22, 2021. Photo: AFP

A month ago, Cuban artist Hamlet Lavastida was forced into exile by the communist government, which he accuses of being afraid of those that speak out in defense of freedom. Read more at rawstory.com.

We Had Never Touched a Real Rainforest So We Went to Ecuador

Soon we’ll share the dreamlike Ecuador cloud forest with you; a region that’s a canary in the coal mine of climate change.

The Hill: 40 House Democrats Vote Against Resolution Supporting Cuban Protesters

Photo: Getty Images

Forty House Democrats voted against a resolution on Wednesday that condemned the Cuban government and supported protesters in the country. Read more at thehill.com.

Carnegie Europe: Can the EU Adapt to Cuba’s New Wave of Democratic Activism?

Image: Encyclopedia Britannica

Cuba is again on the EU’s agenda after large-scale protests took place in July 2021 and as activists plan further demonstrations for November. In the wake of the July protests, there has been strong pressure from within the European Parliament for the EU to impose sanctions on Cuban government officials who suppressed the protesters and suspend the main agreement governing the Cuba-EU relationship. Meanwhile, the EU and the governments of multiple EU members have criticized the Cuban regime’s harsh response to the protests. Read more at carnegieeurope.eu.

First The Dogs and Now The Cats of Cuba

Miami Herald: 31 Cubans taken home after being caught off Florida Keys and Bahamas

U.S. Border Patrol said 18 Cuban migrants landed on Sugarloaf Key on Oct. 28, 2021, on this fishing boat. Photo: U.S. Border Patrol

The U.S. Coast Guard returned 31 Cubans to their home country on Tuesday who were stopped at sea in four separate incidents since last week off the Florida Keys, mainland and the Bahamas. Read more at miamiherald.com.

One of Cuba’s Most Important Artists Is on Display In Boston

Curator Elizabeth Goizueta talks to Startup Cuba about Mariano Rodriguez’s multi-decade exhibit at the McMullen Art Museum in Boston and soon the PAMM in Miami.

News Medical: Cuba reports 92.4 percent efficacy for 3 dose SOBERANA 02 COVID-19 vaccine

Photo: Fit Ztudio/Shutterstock.com

The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has caused an estimated five million deaths globally, as well as over 248 million documented infections with the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). The rapid development of safe and effective vaccines was rightly given top priority, leading to the rollout of several vaccines at the end of 2020. Read more at news-medical.net.

A Thanksgiving Recipe: Mojo Turkey With a Mofongo Stuffing

Turkey with a mojo marinade and mofongo stuffing with bacon?! Just add the rice, beans and key lime pie and Chef Jami turns your holiday into a Caribbean feast.

Florida Politics: Miami-Dade lawmakers slam Pope, Catholic Church for weak response to Cuba protests

Three members of Congress from Miami-Dade have called out leadership within the Roman Catholic Church for its weak response to human rights protests in Cuba. Read more at floridapolitics.com.

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A Thanksgiving Recipe: Mojo Turkey With a Mofongo Stuffing

One of Cuba’s Most Important Artists Is on Display In Boston

Is the Face of Havana Changing?

CNN: See What Havana Looks Like as Cuba Set to Reopen to Tourists

First The Dogs and Now The Cats of Cuba

Going to Cuba? Here’s What Else To Pack

Hector Aguilar: From Cuba to Newscaster and Café Bustelo Spokesperson

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