Plus, Versailles in Miami turns 50 years old. Yunior Garcia plans to march in silence with a white rose. Cuba's foreign minister still says, "no you're not."
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Weekly Cuba News Roundup: November 12th, 2021

Apparently Air Century airline – a charter gig out of the Dominican Republic – is stepping up its number of flights to Cuba with the tagline, “Improving The Experience.” No judgement but at 35,000 feet, the experience is best already improved (on the ground). Either way, if it’s got enough gas and the wings bolted on, hopping a plane to the DR then skipping over to Cuba could be a good option.

In other news, there are really only two stories coming out of Cuba right now; the reopening of tourism and the planned protests. Both on Monday, November 15th. For the latter, nobody really knows what to expect with one exception two exceptions. First, there’s Yunior Garcia, the Cuban playwright leading the call for protests saying that he’ll walk alone, in silence, holding a white rose the day before the planned march. And then second, there’s the Cuban government who has made it pretty clear that they will not tolerate a march planned for Monday. Where this meets in the middle is anyone’s guess. All this, and CNN’s Patrick Oppmann’s report on what Havana looks like as it gets ready for tourists, below.

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Reuters: Cuban protest leader to march alone, white rose in hand, ahead of rallies

Yunior Garcia. Photo: REUTERS/Alexandre Meneghini

A Cuban playwright leading the call for protests on Nov. 15 on the communist-run island said on Thursday he will walk alone, in silence and holding a white rose, the day before the planned march to show the non-violent nature of the movement. Read more at

How Do We Support Cuba in the Aftermath of Hurricane Ian?

CNN: See what Havana looks like as Cuba set to reopen to tourists

Havana Int’l Airport. Photo: CNN

Cuba will reopen its international borders in a bid to bring back badly needed tourists after being shut to visitors for most of the Covid-19 pandemic. Read more at

What Do You Want to See in Our Cuban Food Film?

Reuters: U.S. vacations in Cuba still come with hangovers from Trump’s sanctions

Photo: Reuters/Alexandre Meneghini

Cuba opens its borders next week signaling new opportunity for pandemic-weary travelers and the island’s tourism industry, but for U.S. citizens getting there requires jumping through hoops like never before, according to the heads of eight U.S. tour agencies. Read more at

Why Havana’s Chinatown has no Chinese

Havana’s Chinatown was once the largest and most successful Chinatown in Latin America. Then the Chinese disappeared.

Dominican Today: Air Century increases flights between Dominican Republic and Cuba

Photo: Air Century

From November, flights between Cuba and the Dominican Republic will increase through the Air Century company. This was confirmed by the Cuban airport company ( ECASA ) in its update on November 4. Read more at

Miami Herald: Airlines add flights to Havana, but new U.S. travel rules pose a challenge for Cubans

Photo: Miami Herald

U.S. airlines will add daily flights to Cuba starting next month, as the island’s government prepares to lift strict COVID-related measures on Nov. 15. Read more at

Writer of the Month: Meet Kate Oberdorfer

Miami Herald: Cuba’s foreign minister warns diplomats his government won’t allow protest march

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez speaks during a press conference in Havana, on July 22, 2021. YAMIL LAGE AFP VÍA GETTY IMAGES

Cuba’s foreign minister summoned foreign ambassadors and diplomats in Havana on Wednesday to warn them that his government will not tolerate an opposition march planned for Monday that the island authorities said is a regime-change plot orchestrated by the United States. Read more at

Get Involved With Startup Cuba’s New Photography Project

We’re working on a new photography project and want to involve you from the start. Tell us below if you’d like more info.

Reuters: Biden policy on Cuba remittances needs more work, U.S. official says

Security guards look on as they stand guard outside the U.S. Embassy in Havana, Cuba, October 25, 2021. REUTERS/Alexandre Meneghini

The White House has received recommendations for restarting remittances to Cuba but sent some back for further work to craft “innovative options” to ensure that money sent by Cuban Americans to families on the island does not fall into the hands of Cuba’s government, a senior U.S. official said on Friday. Read more at

Recipe: Cafe Cubano Helado From Scratch

You don’t even need an ice cream maker to whip up the recipe for this magical – and cool – cafe Cubano treat.

Sun Sentinel: Versailles, the ‘most famous Cuban restaurant in the world,’ celebrates its 50th anniversary

Photo: Lynne Sladky/AP

Little Havana’s iconic Versailles Restaurant celebrated its 50th anniversary on Wednesday with a special menu with 1971 prices — ham croquette for 20 cents, breaded steak for $3.25, Cuban coffee, 20 cents — and fans, celebrities, South Florida politicians, lots of dancing and music. Read more at

(Hero Image: Karen Vierbuchen)

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