We asked our audience whether or not they are going to travel to Cuba when it opens this month. Here's what you said.
Viñales. Photo: David Rotbard

It’s November, 2021, and Cuba’s expecting a big month. There are planned protests, scheduled military demonstrations and an opening to tourists after a long pandemic shutdown. The influx of tourism is a welcomed economic reprieve to the island which saw a reported 13% decline in GDP from 2020-2021. But, while some already have one foot out the door to Havana, not everybody is eager to hop on a plane and visit.

But, we wanted to know specifically what you were planning (or not). Is our audience going to Cuba in the next six-months? With 252 respondents here’s what you told us. The results were surprising.

(All responses are completely anonymous.)

Are You Going To Travel to Cuba When Tourism Resumes This Month

  • No – 42.45%
  • Yes, but not now – 29.39%
  • Yes, in the next six months – 28.16%
  • Other – 0%

For a clean split of Yes vs. No, that’s 57.55% of you who do plan to travel to Cuba and 42.45% who do not plan to go.

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