Over 500 of you told us which US-Cuba headline was the most impactful story of the year, for 2021.
2021 top cuba news story
A Cuban flag on the back of a car in Havana.

With over 500 respondents piping in, we can’t say that your pick for “Cuba Story of the Year” was a total surprise… Despite 2021 (2022, wut u got?) dealing us a handful of history making headlines, one theme bubbled to the top (like Cid Fernandez’s delicious La Espumita).

Now as we round the corner to 2022, we’ve listed your responses below. Plus, thanks to everyone who chose “Other” and sent in your comments. We’ve listed those below too. Comment if you think we missed something or if you didn’t get to vote.

(All poll responses are always anonymous.)

What Was the Biggest Cuba Story of 2021?

  • Patria y Vida — 30.91%
  • July 11th — 27.00%
  • Cuba’s COVID Vaccines — 16.95%
  • Shutdown of Tourism — 12.48%
  • Biden’s Cuba Policy Pause — 6.33%
  • Other — 3.54%
  • Cuba’s Small Business Reforms — 2.79%

“Other” Responses

  • The pause of Cuba and Patriotism with Life
  • The arrest and brutality of the people in Cuba
  • Surfing recognized in Cuba
  • Shortage on food
  • Protests
  • Patria o Muerte, venceremos. Abajo el Bloqueo de Usa a Cuba
  • Misery
  • Julio 11
  • I don’t know
  • Freedom to the political oppositor
  • Flora y Fauna
  • Dupa
  • Cubanos pendejos
  • Cuba doesn’t need Biden charity vaccine with conditions they produce their own
  • Criminal USA Blockade

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