Why in the world would we ask you about your skincare routine? Well, in a society that bombards us with messaging that values youth, why wouldn't we?
latinx skincare
Yeah. Even guys take care of their skin (or at least they should).

This week’s question of the week is a bit diferente to say the least. Why do we care about your skincare routine? The truth is that we care less about your routine, per se, than we do your youthful good looks. Or, at least how important it is to you to maintain those youthful good looks in a culture that places value on how young we remain.

Do you care? We’re curious. Do you care about maintaining your skin’s health? Do you use lotion or have another skin care routine? Is it important to you, either now or in the future?

We’ll share the results of this poll in our weekly newsletter. (All responses are anonymous.)

Is Your Skincare Important to You (Now or in the Future)?

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