Unfamiliar and alone, Cuban and Russian rappers are being forced to leave their countries and find their way in a new city. New country.

Weekly Cuba News Roundup: March 25th, 2022

Remember seeing cruise ship after cruise ship docked in Havana before the Trump administration? Well, a judge ruled that it was illegal and was “trafficking activities.” No bueno. A 48 year old man with a colostomy bag tried to get to Florida for a medical treatment. And, thanks to the pandemic… There are crabs. Lots of crabs in Cuba.

Gas lines are getting longer on the island, a new app claims to allow you to send money to the Cuban people while circumventing the government, and the Economist writes about Cuba’s cultural opposition. Oh, and rappers in both Cuba and Russia are being targeted. Rolling Stone has a story about it and, Denis Solis, who now lives in Serbia.

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Miami Herald: ‘Prohibited tourism’: Miami judge deals major blow to cruise companies that traveled to Cuba

Four major cruise lines with South Florida ties — Carnival, Norwegian, Royal Caribbean and MSC Cruises — engaged in “prohibited tourism” and “trafficking activities,” a judge said. Photo: RAMON ESPINOSA AP

In a consequential ruling Monday night, a Miami federal judge said four major cruise lines with South Florida ties — Carnival, Norwegian, Royal Caribbean and MSC Cruises — engaged in “prohibited tourism” and “trafficking activities” by carrying passengers to Cuba and profiting from the use of Havana port facilities confiscated by the Fidel Castro-led government, the first decision of its kind that could affect similar lawsuits. Read more at miamiherald.com.

WPLG: Cuban windsurfer wanted to get to Florida to get medical treatment, relatives say

Photo: Twitter | USCGsoutheast

The 48-year-old man who was stranded on a windsurf board off the Florida Keys is a Cuban father who is desperate for medical treatment, relatives said. He ventured off at sea despite having a colostomy bag. Read more at local10.com.

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The Economist: Cuba’s dictatorship has a cultural opposition that it can’t tolerate

Image Courtesy The Economist | Lo Cole

When Yunior Garcia, a dramatist, was still living in his home city of Holguín, in eastern Cuba, the local secretary of the Communist Party, Miguel Díaz-Canel, came to see two of his plays. “We talked,” says Mr Garcia. “He seemed open and more modern. He liked the theatre.” Since 2019 Mr Díaz-Canel has been Cuba’s president. “He has stopped smiling. He reads out everything he says. He has acted as a despot.” Read more at economist.com.

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NBC News: Watch: Swarms of crabs in Cuba after pandemic sees numbers increase.

Photo: NBC News

Swarms of crabs emerged near the Cuban city of Matanzas after numbers dramatically increased over the two years of reduced traffic during the pandemic. Read more at nbcnews.com.

Writer of the Month: Meet Kate Oberdorfer

WSVN: RevoluSEND app offers new way to send money to people in Cuba

Photo: WSVN

A new app is providing a way to send money to people in Cuba. RevoluGROUP, a Canadian company, released its RevoluSEND app. The app allows families to send money to their relatives in Cuba directly, without having to go through the Cuban government. The app’s rollout comes a year and a half after the closure of the official channels for sending remittances from the U.S. to Cuba. Read more at wsvn.com.

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The Hill: Hours-long lines seen at gas stations in Cuba amid economic crisis

Photo: Getty

Hours-long lines were seen at gas stations across Cuba on Monday as the country faces an economic crisis. Read more at thehill.com.

Rolling Stone: From Cuba to Russia, Rappers Are Being Targeted in Record Numbers

Denis Solis. Photo: Anyelo Troya Gonzalez

Denis Solís moved to Novi Sad, Serbia, in November 2021 — quietly, wearily, without a job lined up. Of his large and tightknit extended family, only two cousins joined him. And now, every day, when he leaves his apartment to wander unfamiliar streets in search of work — as a cleaner, dishwasher, mason, anything — he looks over his shoulder. Read more at rollingstone.com.

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Wish Happy Holidays to the Besos Lovers in Your Life

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