"One factor is the failure of the United States to provide a viable alternative — in the form of broad political and economic engagement — to Russia’s influence in these nations."

Weekly Cuba News Roundup: April 1st, 2022

Everything is connected. Remember that when you read William Kelly’s March 29th, perspective below on why Cuba continues to parrot the Russian line on the invasion of Ukraine. There have been options to the United States for years. And, we came close to traversing one path, only to be derailed and pushed down another. Nothing is black and white of course yet we continue to impose policy as if it is. Umph.

In other news, a referendum on Cuba’s new liberal family code is getting closer, UNICEF donated 19 tons of powdered milk to Cuba, two who left Cuba on a motorized sufboard and once feared dead have been found alive, Cuba sentenced a recent protestor to five years for “enemy propoganda,” and Cuba is talking with Germany about energy transition. Will anything come of it? Who knows but talking is good. Always.

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US News: Cubans Split Over More Liberal Family Code as Referendum Nears

LGBT activists Eberto Garcia Abreuin (L) and Felix Ortiz Ramos play with their cat during an interview with Reuters in Havana, Cuba, March 28, 2022. Photo: REUTERS/Stringer

Cuba’s communist government is seeking to rally support for a new family code that would open the door to gay marriage and boost women’s rights, but experts and a recent survey suggest an upcoming referendum vote may not provide a rubber stamp. Read more at usnews.com.

ConBAC: Cuba’s Blooming Craft Cocktail Scene

Top bartenders and mixologists from around the world pitched up in Cuba’s top beach resort last year to compete in the IBA World Cocktail Championship shining a spotlight on global drinks and craft cocktails.

La Prensa Latina: Cuba thanks Unicef for donation of 19 tons of powdered milk

Photo: La Prensa Latina

Cuba’s government expressed gratitude here Tuesday for a Unicef delivery of 19 tons of powdered milk, a donation that bolsters its health care capabilities amid the context of the Covid-19 pandemic. Read more at laprensalatina.com.

Is the Face of Havana Changing?

Havana’s modern “international” architecture has Cuba’s urban planners worried.

Miami Herald: ‘Awesome to find them.’ Two who left Cuba on a motorized surfboard feared dead, now safe

A migrant boat made of a surfboard, pontoons and a plastic chair floats in the waters off Bimini in the Bahamas Tuesday, March 29, 2022. Two men aboard the vessel were found alive after being lost at sea for a week. Photo: SEAMAN ERIC RODRIGUEZ/U.S. COAST GUARD

Two men who left Cuba more than a week ago on a homemade boat made from a surfboard and pontoons have been found safe near the Bahamas, according to the U.S. Coast Guard. Read more at miamiherald.com.

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France 24: Cuba sentences protester to 5 years for ‘enemy propaganda’

Cuban police patrol the streets of Havana on November 15, 2021 to prevent protesters from assembling. Photo: YAMIL LAGE AFP

A Cuban man who staged a rare protest over the detention of a dissident rapper has been slapped with a five-year prison term for disobedience and “enemy propaganda,” according to a sentencing document seen by AFP on Wednesday night. Read more at france24.com.

Washington Post: Despite Cuba’s important history of solidarity with Ukraine, Russia remains a key ally

Firefighters work to extinguish a blaze at a warehouse in Kharkiv, Ukraine, after it was hit by Russian shelling on March 28. Photo: Chris Mcgrath/Getty Images

Since Vladimir Putin’s devastating invasion of Ukraine, much of the world has aligned to decry the bloodshed and to sanction Russia for its dangerous violation of international norms. As many nations have spoken in one voice to condemn Putin’s war, it has been illuminating to observe which countries have not joined the chorus. Read more at washingtonpost.com.

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teleSUR: Cuba Joins Dialogue on Energy Transition in Germany

PhoCuba’s Minister of Energy and Mines Liván Arronte and Dr. Simone Peter, President of the German Renewable Energy Federation had a working meeting on the occasion of the Energy Transition Dialogue in Germany. March. 30, 2022. Photo: Twitter/@arronte_livanto: Getty

On his official Twitter account, the minister said that the business people were willing to resume negotiations with Cuba to move forward in the energy field. Arronte participated in the Dialogue on Energy Transition held in Germany, where he met with Klaus Ernst, chairman of the German Parliament’s Committee on Economy and Energy. The minister also discussed with Dr. Ajay Mathur, director-general of the International Solar Alliance, Cuba’s prospects in developing renewable energy sources (RES). Read more at telesurenglish.com.

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