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bolitas de yuca (yuca cheese balls) recipe
bolitas de yuca

Move over mozzarella sticks! These tiny little balls are made of mashed yuca and stuffed with gooey melty Munster cheese. Fried until golden brown and delicious. They are great on their own or dunked into salsa de aguacate. 

The bolitas are made of mashed yuca and do not have to be breaded. A great gluten-free appetizer. The bolitas can be made in advance and kept frozen for up to three months. You can top them with flaky salt, grated parm, or cilantro. 

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Bolitas de Yuca Ingredients

  • 1 pound of yuca, fresh or frozen
  • ¼ pound Munster, mozzarella, or Monterey jack, cut into medium dice. 
  • Kosher salt and ground black pepper
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • Vegetable oil for frying
  • Flaky salt or cilantro as garnish.

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Bolitas de Yuca Preparation

  1. Bring a large pot of salted water to boil. Add the yuca, and boil until fork tender. 
  2. Drain the yuca and remove the woody stems from the core. Season with salt, pepper, and olive oil and mash until smooth.
  3. Take a  tablespoon of yuca and flatten it in the palm of your hand. Place a cube of cheese in the center and pinch the yuca around the cheese to form a ball. Repeat with remaining yuca and cheese.
  4. Set aside on a sheet tray and freeze for 10 minutes.
  5. Meanwhile, heat oil over medium-high heat in a heavy bottom pot or fryer.  
  6. Add yuca and cook for 1-2 minutes per side, or until golden brown. Remove from oil and drain excess oil onto paper towels. 
  7. Serve hot and season with flaky salt & cilantro. 

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Jami Erriquez is a part-time chef, food stylist, and an avid cookbook collector from South Florida. She studied culinary arts at Le Cordon Bleu in Atlanta, Georgia. Her love for cooking came from her father, Danny. She is a traveler, a yogi, and a beach bum, and has been eating Cuban sandwiches and listening to Celia Cruz since she was seven!. When Jami isn't in the kitchen she is binge-watching Golden Girls and hanging out with her family and pet cat, Irma.

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