Here's how you told us you felt about what Ron DeSantis did; sending unsuspecting migrants to an island 4 miles off the Massachusetts coast.
Image: WMUR

Without wasting anyone’s time here, let’s call DeSantis’ stunt what it was. A stunt. Whether you’re a fan of his or not, that part is not in question. He exploited people in need – people who walked across ten countries for a better life – to score political points and publicity. His statement claims it was to send people to a state that can “…better facilitate the care of these individuals…” If that’s truly what he cared about he would’ve sent them to Boston, a major city. Not an island four miles off the coast.

While we can’t understand how people can think this is ok, we know some people do. Yet, even if we don’t agree with their position, we ultimately respect people’s independent ideas, speech and decisions. That’s why we asked you, as our question of the week, what percentage of our audience thinks that what he did is ok.

Here’s what you told us.

Poll Results: What DeSantis Did With the Venezuelan Immigrants Was…

  • Not OK With Me – 65.12%
  • OK With Me – 28.68%
  • Other – 6.20%

In the Other column we got a broad range of responses ranging from “It was the most inhumane thing to do” to “it was awesome !!!” and “Illuminating.”

Hero image photo credit: Karen Vierbuchen.

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