Author - Laura N. Pérez Sánchez

Laura N. Pérez Sánchez is a Puerto Rican investigative journalist who has developed her career in her native city of San Juan. Laura has worked both as a reporter and editor, and she also enjoys writing chronicles and in-depth reports. In 2018, while working as deputy news editor for the newspaper El Nuevo Día, she was selected as a Nieman Fellow at Harvard University and as one of three inaugural Abrams Nieman Fellows for Local Investigative Journalism. Thanks to this scholarship, Laura returned to Puerto Rico after her year at Harvard to carry out an independent journalistic investigation into the island’s reconstruction after Hurricane Maria, which she hopes to publish soon. Laura recently released her own newsletter, Particular, through which she aims for more direct contact with her readers, while sharing some of her favorite content, which offers different or complementary perspectives on public interest topics and current events.

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