Author - Steffi Audrelia

Steffi Audrelia is an international travel consultant and English second language specialist. She’s a woman of mixed cultures, a fact which she previously considered confusing and inconvenient. The question "Where are you from?" has always been a struggle for Steffi to answer — she was born in Indonesia with Chinese roots and moved to Australia at the start of high school. In her adult life, she's lived in the US and Spain which allowed her to become an expert at adapting to new cultures and norms whilst picking up Spanish in the process. She is a natural planner and an observant traveller who's visited 41 countries so far. Her mission is to bridge the 'gap' by highlighting commonalities as well as differences through exploration of other cultures. She’s drawn to Cuba because it’s one of the few destinations in the world that is misunderstood and overshadowed by political issues. There’s definitely more to discover.

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