Louie’s Flan RSVP Details, Recipe and Pots Are Below

Louie Estrada is the chef/owner of My Cuban Spot in Brooklyn.

RSVP Information

This event will take place on FB Live. However if you want to be able to ask Louie questions during the event via Zoom, **an RSVP is required**.

(There are only 100 spots to participate in Q&A and his last event was packed so RSVP soon. )

Louie’s Flan Recipe

Here are the ingredients for Louie’s flan recipe.

Make sure you’re stocked up before the class on July 15th.

We’ve linked to the non-perishable items on Amazon if you want to have them delivered. (We’ll also send you this list by email right now. Double check to make sure hola@verv.tv is in your address book so our recipe email doesn’t get sent to your spam.)



  • Big Bowl
  • Whisk
  • Non Stick Pan
  • Cookie Sheet
  • Flan Molder (6×4 for one big flan or 4oz foil ramekin for many little flans)

Don’t Forget Your Flan Pot

Flan can be made in a lot of different pots, pans or containers. To nail this class though we’ve picked out a couple flan pots that you may want to buy ahead of time:

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