Welcome to the Startup Cuba Writer Resource Center

How to Submit Your Work to StartupCuba.tv

This page is a resource center for Startup Cuba writers, contributors and content creators. Here you’ll find a library of links to submit your articles, your byline, and to pitch stories.

If you are not yet a writer or content creator for us but would like to learn more about getting involved, start here.

We can only accept work, photo assets and ideas through these forms.

We’re obviously always available to connect by email, chat or phone. We’re human, you’re human. We love besos, we love to give besos. You get it. However, we ask that you please use the forms on this page to submit your work. Since multiple people are involved with posting your articles, submitting by these forms will make sure that everybody here has what they need in one place.

If you want to pitch an idea to us, please do so before writing the article! You can fill out this pitch form if you’re a first-time contributor, or if you’re a regular contributor, e-mail it over to Erin at the Writers Program.

Article Delivery Form
Once you’ve written the article, use this form to upload your article, and photo assets directly to us for editing and publishing. Photos can be shared via (an accessible/editable!) Google folder, DropBox, or WeTransfer. Please submit a few photos (visual assets) along with your text. The higher the res, the better.

Access to this page and the resources here should be limited to Startup Cuba’s writing and content creator community.

Byline Delivery Form
The first time you submit something to Startup Cuba, we’ll ask you to use this byline form to upload a head shot and send us details about who you are. We’ll use it to create your Author Page to tell the world who you are. This is also where you’ll grant us permission to publish your content.

Guidelines, Tips and Samples

Editorial Guidelines
We created this document to outline our program and answer most of your questions.

Five Steps To Submit Your First Piece
Once you’re ready to go, these are the five steps to follow to submit your first article to us.

Sample Pieces
These aren’t ours but we bring them to your attention because they all have pluses and minuses that are worth looking at for inspiration.

Promote Your Pieces and Yourself

Promote Your Article (and Yourself) on Social Media (Yours and Ours) In Our Stories
We want you to put your face in front of our audience so that they can get to know you.

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