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Independent and unaffiliated, we’re the rapidly growing content platform designed to amplify the voices in the space between the United States and Cuba, Puerto Rico and the broader Latinx community. On our website and our weekly email newsletter, we deliver a mixture of gravitas and pop-culture lightheartedness to bring the Latinx experience to the forefront and keep you connected. Our stories are current, authentic, and engaging. In a word: they’re real.

If you’re a journalist or writer with a passion for the space, here’s a little more about us. We’d love to hear from you.

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We started this journey with Startup Cuba (hence the name), a nine-episode docuseries shedding light on entrepreneurship in Cuba. The Cuban-American community remains our cornerstone but we’ve grown and are also interested in talking about Puerto Rico and the greater Latinx conversation too. Broadly speaking, we aim to cover topics in these buckets:

  • Food, Drink, Music, Art & Culture: We believe that food, music and the arts are what differentiate us and bring us together. We love to run recipe stories and highlight artists, filmmakers and authors.
  • Feature Stories: Stories about topics at the fore; climate change, immigration and human rights for example.
  • Startups: We tell the stories of the most inspirational founders in Cuba, Puerto Rico and here in the mainland U.S. with on our new Latinx Founders Series.
  • Travel: Where to stay and what to do from an insider perspective. Off the beaten path information that guide books don’t tell you.
  • People & Tastemakers: Featuring Cuba’s cuentapropistas (entrepreneurs) and people making things happen, including right here at home.
  • Puerto Rico: We dedicate an exclusive, growing channel to stories that impact and inspire, both on the island and off.
  • Politics: Ok. Once and a while only because we can’t stay away.
  • Film & Book Reviews: We like to tell you what we think of the latest books and movies that relate to our audience.

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What We Offer

  • We pay.
  • Your work and name on an internationally recognized Latinx website disrupting the media space and building for the future.
  • A byline on your work and your author pages showing off your writing and linking to your social media accounts.
  • Access to our network of thought-leaders, content creators and influencers in the Latinx space.
  • Your work shared across our platform, newsletters and social media accounts in excess of 70,000 followers.
  • Experience working with professional content strategists and editors to produce high-quality end product that you can be proud of.
  • The option to be featured and interviewed on the website with your articles so that our audience can get to know you.

Our Audience

Our core audience are primarily 22-44 year old first-generation English-speaking Latinxs in the United States. They value authentic docu-style stories, travel tips, and insider perspectives in English that are both informative and offer a connection to the story and the content producer behind the story.

How to Get Involved

Whether you have one story idea to pitch us now, you want to write or produce videos on a regular basis as a contributor or you just want to learn more, click the button below to connect with us.

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