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Independent and unaffiliated, our content is designed to collectively amplify the voices in the space between the United States and Cuba, Puerto Rico and other parts of Latin America. Through a mixture of lightheartedness and gravitas, we create content that brings the region, cultures, and Latinx experience to the forefront.

Our short-form stories are current, authentic, and connective. In a word: they’re real.

Topics and Locations

We’re based in the US and we spend a lot of time thinking about issues related to the US Latino experience. We started this journey with Startup Cuba, a nine-episode docuseries shedding light on entrepreneurship in Cuba. More recently we’ve also brought stories related to Puerto Rico, Mexico, Ecuador, and Colombia into the fold. Broadly speaking, we aim to cover topics in these buckets:

  • Travel: Where to stay and what to do from an insider perspective. Off the beaten path information that guide books don’t tell you. Although we can’t travel in this current COVID-19 world, we can make recommendations for your list.
  • Features: Stories about topics at the fore for Cuban Americans, Puerto Ricans, the broader Latinx community, and generally folks interested in Latin America. Potential topics include climate change and migration. These are the pieces that keep us informed and paint with broad strokes.
  • People: Featuring Cuba’s cuentapropistas (entrepreneurs), artists and movers and shakers, and the value that startups bring throughout the Americas.
  • Puerto Rico: We dedicate an exclusive channel to stories that impact and inspire, both on the island and off.
  • Food & Culture: We believe that food and culture are what differentiate us and what bring us together. We love to run recipe stories and highlight people doing things in the Latin American kitchen.

Our Audience

Our core audience are primarily second-generation English-speaking Cuban Americans, Latinx, and others interested in Latin America and U.S. Latin American immigrant stories, largely based in US urban areas. They value authentic stories, travel tips, and insider perspectives that are both informative and offer a connection to both the story and the content producer.

Beyond Cuba

We often include stories that go beyond Cuba. For instance, we’ve delivered reports from Puerto Rico, Mexico, Ecuador and communities within the United States that matter to our audience. Feel free to pitch us a story that goes “beyond Cuba.” Story ideas we’d consider are generally current and important to a Latin-interested audience (i.e., Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, climate change in Brazil, the impact of coffee & chocolate exports in Ecuador).

How to Get Involved

Whether you have one story idea to pitch us now or you want to write on a regular basis as a contributor, click the button below to connect with us.

Write For Us

We’re inviting new writers, photographers and video creators to join our growing collective of storytellers.